Saturday, 2 April 2011

Plays about the criminal justice system

I have just discovered that the Soho Theatre is hosting what sounds a fascinating and important show for anyone interested in youth offending and the criminal justice system more widely. It has received excellent reviews. It is only on until Saturday 9 April. This is what Guardian Extra says about it (if you are a member, they are offering two tickets for the price of one):

Clean Break is a theatre, education and new writing company that works with women whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system. After a successful run last year with Charged, they’re back at London’s Soho Theatre with RE-CHARGED. The show is a collection of three powerful plays, by three award-winning writers, that examine hidden stories of women in the criminal justice system:

Sam Holcroft’s Dancing Bears is a vivid and vital look at girl gangs and life on the edge. Four teenage girls know what they crave and it’s not drugs or cigarettes but loyalty.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s That Almost Unnameable Lust is a poetic and tender portrayal of older women in prison, where imagination soars above lives trapped within the system.

Chloë Moss’s Fatal Light veers between devastating and hopeful as it tracks a young woman on a journey that ends in death in custody.