Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report – key findings and quotes

DSCN0427Scholastic’s new Kids and Family Reading Report contains lots of valuable information about UK children’s reading. These are some of the particularly important findings:

  • Reading for enjoyment and reading frequency diminish drop significantly after the age of 11. Screen-related activities are implicated in this decline.
  • The vast majority of parents say reading for enjoyment is important.
  • The biggest predictors of a child’s reading frequency include: reading enjoyment; parental engagement; parents’ reading frequency; independent reading choice; the amount they were read to before reception year.
  • The vast majority of children of all ages love(d) being read to. Lots who are no longer read to did not want their parents to stop. In response, Frank Cottrell-Boyce has issued a plea for a return to the bedtime story.
  • Children of all ages are more likely to finish a book that they pick for themselves.
  • Children who are given time to read books of their choice at school are more likely to read frequently and to enjoy reading. This has lead to a call for independent reading time to be built into secondary school timetables.
  • Libraries and school book fairs and book club flyers, along with bookshops, are the leading sources children ages 6–11 use to find books to read for fun.
  • Most children and young people prefer reading print books to e-books.

The report has some great quotes. Here are my favourites;

  • ‘I love reading because I learn new things.’ 5 year-old girl
  • ‘There’s not much you can do if you can’t read, is there?’ 7 year-old boy
  • ‘I love reading because it makes me feel really clever.’ 7 year-old girl
  • ‘Reading fills your brain with all the imagination you need.’ 9 year-old boy
  • ‘Reading ….. can take me to a completely different world that I’ve never been to before.’ 10 year-old boy
  • ‘Reading is dreaming with open eyes.’ 12 year-old girl
  • ‘Reading takes you away from real life for a bit. I just love it.’ 15 year-old girl