Wednesday, 25 May 2011

TES Magazine articles

Two articles caught my eye in a recent TES Magazine. The first was a fascinating interview with Levi Roots, creator of Reggae Reggae Sauce. He talks about the embarrassment of entering secondary school unable to read (education was expensive in Jamaica, and at eleven this was his first experience of school) and about how he became a reader. ‘English was my favourite subject at school because it was in this class that I learnt how to read. Having books available to me and knowing that I was about to learn what was in them was exciting.’ Miss Corkery, his teacher, was clearly inspirational, particularly because she regularly read aloud to Roots’ class. His mother deserves lots of credit too, for what he calls her patience and tenacity in reading Enid Blyton books to her secondary school son. Only at fourteen was he able to read properly. An inspirational story.

The other article worth checking out highlights the on-going gap in educational achievement between looked-after children and the pupil population as a whole. Although the situation has improved in recent years, even now only just over a quarter of LAC achieve five A*-C GCSE passes, compared to three-quarters of all pupils. The article raises interesting questions, for example whether it is fair to require schools to reach the same standard with pupils from troubled backgrounds as their peers, and how current government thinking will impact on LAC attainment. You can find it here.