Friday, 17 June 2011

Plagiarism and the role of libraries

Plagiarism is an issue that comes up time and time again in my courses on school libraries generally, and especially on my information literacy courses. (Public library staff are rightly concerned about it too, and it is often a hot topic of debate on homework help courses). In case anyone has missed them, there are two really useful new things to read on the subject. I reviewed Credit Where It’s Due: The School Library Preventing Plagiarism by John Royce for the latest edition of the School Librarian, and was very impressed. The book sets out the nature and scope of the problem succinctly and is full of ideas for helping to combat it. ‘Tackling plagiarism in schools – pre-emption or punishment’ is a valuable article by Sarah Pavey, published in the May edition of CILIP Update. CILIP members can find it online. Both authors give much-needed practical guidance for librarians on ways to raise plagiarism as a whole-school issue, and ways to help teachers and students prevent it.