Monday, 22 August 2011

Looked-after children and the cultural and heritage sector

Great to see Children and Young People Now highlighting Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service’s brilliant work with looked-after children (detailed more fully in the report ‘I didn’t know I could’).

I give lots of training on working with looked-after children in cultural and heritage organisations and elsewhere, and I wish more people both within and outside the sector were aware of the fantastic initiatives happening up and down the country. I spoke to a very dedicated and inspired designated teacher recently, and even she had no idea there was any specific provision for LAC in museums, galleries, libraries or archives. I have blogged previously about successful schemes at the Natural History Museum and the Foundling Museum. A key factor with all these projects is that they have not been confined to looked-after children and young people, but have also involved their foster families, their birth families where appropriate, and in some cases their friends. And crucially engagement is active and creative.

My co-trainer on lots of the LAC courses I give is John Vincent of The Network. He has put together a valuable list of information resources on looked-after children and young people. Well worth checking out. For library staff, the sets of ‘Right to Read’ Tips on the list are particularly helpful.