Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Primary school library visit

I felt very lucky last week to visit a particularly lovely primary school library. I am currently preparing a new primary school library course for Barnet and Enfield Schools Library Services, and wanted to add to the photographs I aim to show to give delegates new ideas. Neil Angrave from Barnet suggested that the library at Martin Primary School would be an excellent one to see. How right he was. It is so bright and welcoming, and clearly very popular with the pupils. I especially liked all the face-on display, the cushioned reading bench with room for friends to read together, and the dual-language picture books made by children. It was delightful to be given a very expert tour by the four current pupil librarians. They could not be more proud of the library, and are wonderful ambassadors for it throughout the school. I was also very pleased to be asked to take part in a year five library lesson on reading enjoyment and reading choices. The children had all sorts of great ideas for working out what would appeal to them, not least listening to what their friends say, which is of course one of the very best. They were given lots of time to put what we had all been talking about into practice as they chose their books – I just wish this was the case in all schools – and I loved observing lots of animated discussions among themselves as well as with the teacher and the library coordinator.

A big thank you to Saadia Ali and the fabulous librarians, and to Neil.