Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Meeting at UCS library

I had a very interesting and useful meeting last week about next year’s joint School Library Association, Youth Libraries Group and School Libraries Group conference, Lighting the Future, and my potential contribution to it.

The meeting was in the library at University College School in Hampstead, and it was great to have a tour with Head of Library, Rebecca Hemming. When I arrived several sixth formers were draped very comfortably over these beanbags. They said the room was the most relaxing place in the school. There are plenty of spaces for purposeful study too.The library is on two floors and is very well stocked with printed and online resources. I was especially interested to see Rebecca’s contributions on the school’s VLE. I loved the fact that her excellent collection of websites for the Romans included this Horrible Histories YouTube video about Roman toilets. Somehow I suspect that it’s the most popular link on the list.