Thursday, 19 January 2012

ChildWise Monitor Survey

Lots of useful information on children’s and young people’s use of technology in the latest ChildWise Monitor Survey. This is a good overview from the BBC.

I was particularly interested in the data on children’s and young people’s reading:

  • Reading still tops the list for last thing in bed at night (39%), but phone use is close, and listening to music or watching TV are not far behind.
  • eReaders are growing in popularity, especially among younger children and boys. 9% of 5-16s now have an eReader, highest among younger boys (14% of boys aged 5-10 years).
  • Only a minority of children read for pleasure every day (30% read books every day, 15% read magazines), but most read on occasion. More than one in four read books or magazines for an hour a day or more.
  • Two thirds of 9-16s read online: reviews, stories, news, blogs and books.

The large amount of time that children spend on their mobiles and using the internet (Facebook and YouTube by far the most popular sites) will come as little surprise to most, but the survey also tells us that despite many people’s fears, their favourite means of communication is still face to face.