Thursday, 26 January 2012

Effective provision for teenagers in museums, libraries and other arts and cultural organisations

There was a great Twitter discussion launched by Cultural Themes this week about good teenage provision. Look for the tweets dating from 24 January, or check out the complete archive. The discussion focused on museums, but lots of the strategies that were shared are equally relevant and useful in libraries and other arts, cultural and heritage organisations. I give training courses on working effectively with teenagers in these sectors, and thoroughly endorse the ideas.

Incidentally, for anyone who does not know it, Kids in Museums is well worth keeping an eye on for tips on good practice with teenagers as well as children and families. Public and school library staff can find loads of information and case studies of good practice on Teen Librarian and YA Library UK.

I took the photo at a great Warhammer workshop run by Redbridge Library Service. It’s a regular event which attracts lots of young people. One of the reasons for its success is of course everyone’s active engagment, a vital key for good teenage provision. If you are interested, you can find all my blog posts about this and other issues concerning work with teenagers here.