Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another lovely book bench tour – Books About Town

I had a great afternoon exploring lots of the Books About Town benches yesterday. This is the very moving War Horse bench.
IMG_0921Near to City Hall there are four lovely benches celebrating great children’s books. I loved watching lots of children enjoying the Books About Town quiz.IMG_0924The How to Train Your Dragon bench attracted lots of admirers.IMG_0925Here’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.IMG_0930The Dr Seuss bench caused lots of excitement among children and adults.IMG_0928My daughter adored Clarice Bean, so this bench was one of my favourites.IMG_0929I wonder if there’s any relevance to the placing of the Discworld bench near HMS Belfast. I love the fact that it features the Librarian. These two girls were delighted by it. They are big orangutan fans, and have adopted one. Apparently it was World Orangutan Day yesterday. The discussions I have got into as a result of this and my last book bench tour have been so illuminating!IMG_0933

What a shame that this fabulous Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler bench was fenced off. There were lots of disappointed children viewing it from a distance.IMG_0935I liked the back of the Great Expectations bench – not sure about the front.IMG_0939But I certainly loved the Paddington bench, and so did lots of others.IMG_0942What’s the significance, I wonder, of the Noughts and Crosses bench being in the heart of the City?IMG_0943The Brief History of Time bench is terrific.IMG_0946My son was a huge Alex Rider fan. He’d have loved this as a child.IMG_0947Great to see the Wind in the Willows bench in use!IMG_0951What an amazing location for the That’s not my Meerkat bench!IMG_0952I don’t know any child who doesn’t love the That’s not my books (nor many adults).IMG_0954No prizes for working out which book this bench commemorates.IMG_0955A great quote from Fever Pitch.IMG_0956Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I met a very keen family of book bench fans here. The very best thing about the scheme is the enthusiasm it has engendered in children, parents and grandparents. But it certainly doesn’t only appeal to families. Two 30-something men were delighted when I gave them my book bench trail map as I finished my tour.IMG_0957Bridget Jones, looking nothing like how I imagine her – nor others I spoke to.IMG_0967The Jacqueline Wilson and Nick Sharratt bench in prime position opposite St Paul’s Cathedral.IMG_0963This boy and his mum loved it. For me, this image sums up all that is great about the scheme.IMG_0966