Thursday, 15 March 2012

Training course on promoting reading

I was delighted to give a training day for Essex Schools Library Service this week on ways to promote reading enjoyment. With a mix of primary and secondary teachers and librarians, including staff from a special school and a pupil referral unit, there were lots of fascinating and useful discussions, and masses of great ideas were shared. We explored the wonderful opportunities for reading promotion that digital media and social networking offer, but of course also talked a great deal about how to exploit books to the full, and the value of other printed media. One KS1 teacher told us about all the keen reading that goes on in her art lessons: the children pore over the newspapers covering the tables. I found the group and plenary debates about good strategies for changing the image of reading particularly interesting. I especially loved hearing about a six-foot member of a sixth form rugby team talking to pupils on detention about reading. What a fantastic role model. And it was lovely to hear about the impact Filmclub is having on pupils’ reading at one primary school. All sorts of ideas were discussed for fostering reading across the curriculum, and for supporting parents and carers.

One of the librarians who attended the course has just sent me several lovely photos of reader development in action at Mayflower High School. The ones here were taken on Harry Potter Day. You can see the headteacher having a go at a Harry Potter quiz alongside pupils, and the amazing Dementor made to decorate the library.

If you are interested, there is more about my reading courses here.