Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Chickenshed Theatre

I was bowled over by a trip to Chickenshed Theatre last week. The production was called Shakespeare’s Island, and it was superb. Funny and clever, with phenomenal acting, music and dance. The skills and the passion for performing art on display from every member of the enormous cast were amazing. What makes Chickenshed unique is the pool of talent that it pulls on and nurtures. Children and young people (and indeed adults) with all kinds of physical and learning disabilities and none are equally involved. I went with a friend who works with children with special educational needs, and she and I agreed that nowhere else can you see inclusion in action as much as here. It’s an inspiring and awe-inducing place. Their education offer is fabulous. It’s well worth having a look at their website and the video on it, and getting to future performances, if you can.